New DGI blogs – week of Apr 7th, 2016

The exploration of the DGI blogosphere of this week has delivered 3 new DIG Bloggers .  After this week the number of blogs followed stands at 222 . The three new bloggers we welcome:
Italian Dividends
 The DGI blog scanner script runs weekly across all blogs.  Any new candidate blogs the script finds, I review for DGI characteristics and add to the blog list. The characteristics that I look for are: following a DGI approach and the mentioning of portfolio developments. If you want to accelerate the discovery of your blog , just contact me via the contact form.
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    • Hi IH, this is actually why started the site in the first place (to use it as a RSS reader), I added some features afterwards. Currently I am working on collecting blog-statistics (e.g. #posts per week, month, yts). Let me know if you have any suggestions. Michael

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